LED Habitats LLC is an innovative company co-owned and managed by Klaus and Leigh Messerer. We are dedicated to producing high quality products from primarily natural materials for people of all ages and abilities who enjoy the beauty and satisfaction of growing and living with plants.

Leigh & Klaus Messerer

Our signature product is a USA-made, sustainably constructed, high performance LED grow light system called the LED Habitat. The LED Habitat is a self-contained, artistically crafted wooden stand with a patented zig-zag design that allows the user to adjust light intensity by raising and lowering a dome containing our custom LED array. The LED array design was based on plant-light research conducted with NASA and subsequent plant research conducted at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Our full-PAR spectrum, scientifically designed LED grow lights are manufactured in the USA and utilize cutting edge LED diodes and static thermal diffusion construction for optimal and long-lasting performance. LED Habitats are a unique fusion of sophisticated technology and artistically functional design.

We created the LED Habitat because we could not find a similar product that satisfied our high standards for an indoor growing environment. Our objective was to create a grow light that included the ideal light spectrum for vegetative growth and flowering as well as the rest of the visible light spectrum to make it attractive to the human eye. We also wanted to create a grow light that would run silently (no cooling fans, noisy ballast, or hydroponic pumps), have strong and long-lasting light intensity, be energy-efficient, include organic materials, and be attractive and sized to fit in a kitchen or living room.

After conducting countless growing trials, constructing numerous prototypes, and refining the design, we created a model that met all our standards – the LED Habitat. From the beginning we committed to finding manufacturing solutions here in the USA where we could partner with local companies and minimize energy waste in transportation. And even though it was evident that producing LED Habitats in Asia and using plastics in place of wood and metal would result in large cost savings, we remained unwilling to compromise our quality standards and maintained our commitment to minimizing our manufacturing footprint.

In addition to creating the LED Habitat grow light system, we simultaneously engineered and produced an ultra-durable, BPA-free growing tray set that is like nothing else available on the market. Like LED Habitats, we designed our tray sets because we were unable to find hobby-sized growing supplies that match the quality of tray sets used by professional horticulturalists. Our trays were designed to replicate the two-tray, raised-ridge tray system that is tried and true for horticultural success, but with much sturdier and re-useable materials, and smaller for easy indoor use. Whether used with an LED Habitat or in a windowsill, our Ultra-durable Growing Trays are perfect for raising micro- or baby-greens, starting garden transplants, creating miniature or fairy gardens, or growing favorite houseplants. You will love how easy it is to grow healthy plants when you use this sturdy tray set that eliminates over-watering and supports healthy root growth.

And if that weren’t enough, we also developed terrific seed mats for indoor or outdoor seed planting. We developed our Seed Mats to make indoor seed planting more accessible to people young and old who have varying abilities and to encourage novice gardeners to plant with confidence. As soon as we started planting with seed mats and experienced how easy it was, we were hooked. Each Seed Mat contains seeds that are “stitched” in rows of biodegradable paper that you simply place on top of the soil, cover lightly, and sprinkle with water. Planting a Habitat Seed Mat is easier than making your bed! We currently have 3 Seed Mats (herbs, flowers, or greens) that contain seeds of 5 different, but related plants – all chosen specifically to thrive indoor or outside. Plus, the center row of each Seed Mat contains our favorite fast-flowering Brassica, a plant that will pop up quickly and flower in just 2 weeks, grabbing even the most impatient gardener’s attention straight away.

We stand behind our products 100%. We guarantee your satisfaction and consider customer service a top priority. Our wish is for everyone to experience the emotional, mental and physical benefits that come from incorporating plants into the spaces where we live.