Create Miniature Gardens

LED Habitat and the LED Habitat Pro are the perfect indoor grow light and artistic light stand for showcasing your miniature garden or fairy garden creations.

Miniature Garden
Miniature Garden

Miniature gardens are living art that may be tiny landscapes or miniature garden rows. Add creative collectibles and fairies into your miniature landscape to create a magical fairy garden. Gardeners of all ages, experience, and abilities enjoy the fun and creativity of indoor miniature gardening.

Habitat LED indoor grow lights showcase your miniature garden handiworks beautifully and integrate artistically into your indoor décor, where you can enjoy your garden daily. Habitat Planting Trays provide just the right soil volume and drainage for planting imaginative miniature landscapes and fairy gardens.

LED Habitat and the LED Habitat Pro require minimal space, making it easy to stage miniature gardens in any room of your home, in assisted living facilities, and within care centers. Indoor miniature gardens that are beautifully lit with our LED grow lights make it possible to:
– introduce gardening to novice gardeners of all ages,
– make gardening accessible year-round,
– allow access to gardening for those without access to or capabilities to garden outdoors,
– uplift sunlight- and garden-deprived winter spirits, and
– involve children in the creativity of gardening, exposing them to a variety of natural environmental materials—including dirt and the beneficial microbes associated with soils—building connections to nature and potentially helping to prevent allergies.

LED Habitats are perfect as holiday or housewarming indoor gardening gifts, and can be a thoughtful transitional gift to share with loved ones moving into assisted-living or skilled nursing centers.