Built with pride in the USA, an LED Habitat complements a room’s interior design with clean, modern lines and warm, natural light. Created through a collaboration by two University of Wisconsin biologists and a master furniture-maker, an LED Habitat is more than a high-quality indoor grow system — it’s furniture.


Not all LED lights are created equal. In fact, LED lights for use as grow lights only became possible relatively recently, when scientists developed blue LEDs (and were awarded the Nobel Prize for their accomplishment in 2014). Cultivating plants using LEDs only became possible after blue LEDs were invented because plants need blue light (along with other wavelengths in the visible spectrum) to photosynthesize.

LED Habitat’s custom LED engine was engineered in the USA to meet our specifications:

  1. Provide the light spectrum and intensity that sun-loving plants need
  2. Appear to the human eye like a bright, sunny day
  3. Run cool and silent, without any need for cooling fans
  4. Maintain its high light intensity with use over time

Optimal Light Spectrum for Plants and People

Plants need exposure to specific light wavelengths during different stages of growth, development and flowering. LED Habitats’ light spectrum comes from work with NASA, designing lights for growing healthy plants in space, replacing sunshine.

Habitats have a custom LED pattern chosen and engineered to emphasize both the blue and red spectrum — which is great for the plants — along with a mix of the remaining visible spectrum — which makes it pleasing for you and good for your plants. Blue wavelengths primarily support leaf and stem growth; red light is particularly important for flowering. Our lights also emphasize the rest of the light spectrum known to be important in photosynthesis. Plus, we include natural light wavelengths from the rest of the visible spectrum so your plants look as beautiful as if they were lit by the sun.

Cool running and Silent

LED Habitat grow lights also run cool and silently. Who wants to live with a grow light that constantly runs a noisy fan? We engineered our lights with a passive heat sink to run cool and last a long time.. Our LEDs run so cool that leaf tissue (and your skin) are safe even to touch the dome.

High Light Intensity That Lasts

Many other LED grow lights have only a single strip of LEDs and use secondary optics to cast light to the outer corners of their growing area. All LED Habitats use only LEDs with primary optics, for optimal intensity. By distributing our LEDs throughout the Habitat lighting dome, all plants that are anywhere beneath the dome receive high light intensity.

Our LED grow lights last longer and produce a more effective and pleasing light spectrum than anything else comparable on the market. Plus, drawing only 27 watts, they’re energy-efficient, too.


An LED Habitat is designed for years of continuous use and reliability. Sustainably harvested and manufactured into warp-proof, veneered ply, the wood is cut into Habitats and treated with a water- and UV-resistant coating in Alabama before heading to assembly in New Mexico under the close watch of Klaus, a master wood craftsman, furniture-maker, and LED Habitat’s designer.

We’re so determined to build a super-durable light that we even ran our Habitat light dome through a splash test! Plus, our lights are powered at only a fraction of what they are specified for, which means they run cooler and last much longer than other systems’ lights.

Habitat Grow Trays are designed and manufactured with the same high standard for durability as our grow lights. At LED Habitats LLC, we are determined to defy the throw-away and planned-obsolescence mentality that is filling landfills and depleting our resources.


In the kitchen, family room or even a bedroom, an LED Habitat system adds a burst of vibrancy and charm to any living space. A growing body of evidence is confirming the physical and mental health benefits of interacting with plants and soil, and exposure to full-spectrum light. We also know that indoor plants improve air quality by filtering and oxygenating the air we breathe. With LED Habitats, now, you or a loved one can experience these benefits all year long!


Proper distance between the light and plants is essential to strong, healthy growth because distance affects light intensity. Simply slide the light through the “lightning bolt” channels to move it up or down as needed.

Ultra-durable Habitat Grow Tray Set

Made in the USA from a BPA-free polymer, our ultra-durable grow trays are ideal for growing microgreens, fresh salad greens, and other edibles. Rigid construction and moderate size make these trays easy to carry to the sink for watering. Perfectly sized for family-sized microgreen crops, garden transplants, and miniature landscapes or fairy gardens.

Each Grow Tray Set includes include a top tray with drainage holes and a leak-proof bottom tray to catch extra water and help ensure your plants aren’t over-watered. Made from a rugged polymer material, these are a far cry from the cheap, flimsy trays you find at most garden stores.


  • Scientifically formulated optimal light wavelengths
  • Easy height adjustment for controlling light intensity
  • Quality LEDs: long-lasting, energy-efficient, silent
  • Custom, high quality Grow Trays
  • Furniture quality materials and design

Uses for an LED Habitat

  • Grow herbs for cooking
  • Create a fairy garden
  • Start seedlings for planting outdoors
  • Grow micro-greens for salads
  • Grow wheatgrass for smoothies and pets
  • Teach children about growing plants and lifecycles
  • Ideal for those with limited mobility