Start Seeds

Cool-running, high intensity blue and red LED grow lights in your Habitat or Habitat Pro make it easy to grow healthy flowers, salad greens, fresh herbs, and vegetables from seed.

Start with Habitat Seed Mats or seeds you collect, or purchase seeds from your favorite garden center to start in your Habitat. Our Seed Mats make it a snap to plant in your Habitat Planting Tray. Seed Mats are available for flowers, herbs, and fresh salad greens.

Three types of Habitat Seed Mats are available:

Start seeds
Start seeds

Salad greens from our Kitchen Garden Seed Mats can be grown in your Habitat right up until they are harvested and eaten as baby leaf lettuce, without transplanting outdoors.

Miniature varieties of annual flowers such as zinnias and marigolds will thrive in your Habitat and produce beautiful flowers without being transplanted outdoors, too.

Herbs and flowers can be transplanted into larger indoor pots to continue growing in your Habitat, or they can be transplanted outdoors.

Snap or snow pea seeds, sunflowers, and other favorite salad garnishes can be planted in your Habitat planting tray for harvest in about 2 weeks as micro greens.