Give an Indoor Gardening Gift

LED Habitats and the Habitat Pro are perfect as a thoughtful gift for all types of gardeners.

Experienced Gardeners Produce garden transplants or extend the gardening season year round.
New Gardeners Easy to plant and nurture indoor kitchen gardens, indoor flower gardens, and indoor herb gardens. LED Habitats and Seed Mats offer an easy way for new gardeners to learn about and enjoy successes, nurturing plants.
Foodies Grow culinary herbs to perfection with an indoor herb garden under a LED Habitat or Habitat Pro kitchen grow light
Seniors in transition to assisted living Accessible year round gardening for small spaces, allows access to gardening for those without access to or capabilities to garden outdoors. An LED Habitat is a thoughtful transitional indoor gardening gift to share with loved ones moving into assisted-living or skilled nursing centers.
Families wanting to grow connections between their children and nature Simple introduction to growing plants, and introduces children to a variety of natural environmental materials including dirt, plants and beneficial microbes associated with soils—potentially helping to prevent allergies.
Friends or co-workers enjoying healthy plants in their office space Brighten up offices or cubicles with the warm glow of LED Habitat indoor office grow light and air filtration from growing healthy indoor plants.
Teachers of all ages Perfect indoor education grow light for teachers who are teaching plants in their curriculum.
Apartment or condominium dwellers Give access to gardening for those without access to or limited space for outdoor gardening. The LED Under the Counter Habitat is a perfect small kitchen grow light for growing herbs and flowers to brighten their day.
Miniature or Fairy Garden enthusiasts of all ages
Friends and Family with “winter blues” Uplift sunlight and garden-deprived winter spirits with an LED Habitat’s indoor grow lights and
RVers traveling across the country RV gardening is all the craze! How to grow indoor kitchen gardens using very little electricity. At only 27 Watts of power, sturdy construction and light adjustability system, along with its small footprint, the LED Habitat is the perfect indoor gardening light to travel the country.
Anyone who loves plants To know a plant….Grow a plant. Why not grow a plant in an artistically beautiful powerful LED indoor kitchen grow light?
YOU Because you deserve it.