LED Habitats have a small enough footprint to sit beautifully on a countertop, bookshelf or side-table to illuminate even the darkest corner with the warm feeling of sunlight and living plants. LED Habitats’ functional design and elegant wood and metal construction are all in keeping with the fine craftsmanship from which they were created. The resulting product is a beautiful light stand with exceptional utility. Plants thrive in the artistic wooden light stand, under an easily adjusted wood and metal dome that contains the Habitat’s special LED light array.

LED Habitats — designed with 5 key features for indoor gardening:

  • Optimal light wavelengths for both plant growth and aesthetics.
  • Easy height adjustment for controlling light intensity — great for starting
    seedlings and growing a variety of plants.
  • Quality LED technology: long-lasting, energy-efficient, and silent.
  • Custom, high-quality planting tray set: perfect for miniature gardens; also
    sized to fit standard garden cell packs and pots.
  • Furniture quality design and materials for sophisticated functionality.

The LED Habitat system — with its custom planting trays — is a beautiful solution, made for all kinds of indoor gardeners:

  • Keeping your favorite plants healthy and nearby for enjoyment and tending
  • Creating decorative miniature and fairy gardens
  • Starting seedlings for your outdoor garden
  • Growing specialty herbs right in your kitchen
  • Raising micro-greens or wheatgrass for healthful smoothies or pets
  • Inspiring elder gardeners to enjoy accessible, indoor gardening
  • Teaching youngsters to appreciate the wonders of plants

Optimal light wavelengths draw just 25 Watts!

Recent breakthroughs in LED technology now make it possible to engineer LED lighting to achieve the conditions that meet plants’ needs (Singh, Basu, Reinhardt-Wollweber & Roth, 2015). LED Habitats were developed in response to these new capabilities. Habitats were engineered to provide optimal light conditions for plant growth and development along with light wavelengths that are pleasing to the eye, using high-quality, energy-efficient, and long-lasting LEDs.
Unlike other LED grow lights that have only a single strip of LEDs and claim to adequately light even the outer corners of their growing area, the LED lights in a Habitat (and Habitat Pro) are evenly distributed throughout the lighting dome. In an LED Habitat, plants growing on the outer edges—as well as in the center—of the plant platform grow strong and healthy.
Plants need exposure to specific light wavelengths during different stages of growth, development and flowering. Blue wavelengths primarily support leaf and stem growth; red light is particularly important for flowering.
Habitats have an LED pattern chosen and engineered to emphasize the above wavelengths along with a mix of the remaining visible spectrum, so that you will experience your plants as if on a sunny day. Using this light distribution, LED Habitats support plant growth, while showcasing plants beautifully.

Light Wavelengths Reading

Easy height adjustment

Adjusting the distance between artificial lights and indoor plants is critical for growing healthy plants from seed. LED Habitats have a unique, patented  “lightning bolt” height-adjustment makes raising and lowering the light a snap. Simply slide the light board up and over the lighting-bolt-shaped groves to select the optimum position. No clumsy chains or flimsy plastic clamps.

LED Habitat - Side View

Custom, high-quality wicking planting trays

LED Habitats’ custom-sized, nesting wicking  grow tray sets include one leakproof tray and one with drainage holes and a wick. These moderately-sized trays are the quality of upscale indoor pots-perfect for starting garden transplants for a family garden plot, raising herbs or other specialty indoor plants, or gardening in miniature for pleasure and accessibility . One Habitat Tray set is included with every LED Habitat, and two Habitat Tray sets are included with each LED Habitat Pro.

Quality LED technology

LED Habitat lights and driver configurations were designed in the USA by engineers dedicated to delivering high-quality and long-lasting lights that provide optimal lighting with minimal energy input or loss.

Furniture quality design and materials

At first look, you see the artistic and clever design; at first touch, you will recognize the quality materials.
LED Habitats were designed in Santa Fe, New Mexico by Klaus Messerer, a German cabinetmaker and custom furniture designer. They are manufactured in the USA, using high-quality wood for stability and longevity that is finished with a water-resistant coating. The perforated aluminum dome is designed for stability without adding too much weight.
LED Habitats are designed in five, easy-to-assemble pieces for safe shipping or storage when not in use.