Under-Cabinet LED Grow Light

Under-Cabinet LED Grow Light

Dimensions: 14¾”L x 10⅜”W x 2¾”H (excluding mounting brackets)

Under-cabinet Habitats mount easily beneath any cabinet to illuminate the countertop space below.

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Make nearly any space a grow space! Using the same high-quality LED technology as our LED Habitats, the Under-Cabinet Habitat includes easy-to-hang L-brackets to grow healthy, vibrant plants anywhere. Made in the USA from sustainably harvested wood.

Size: 14¾"L x 10⅜"W x 2¾"H (not including mounting brackets)

Perfect for:

  • Under/Inside cabinets
  • In bookcases
  • Workstations
  • Kitchen cubbies
  • Bedrooms/closets
  • In a garage or shed

About the Lights

Not all LED lights are created equal. Most LED grow lights produce an unnatural purple-ish light or begin losing their effectiveness after only a short time. Our lights are more powerful, last longer and produce a more effective and pleasing light spectrum than anything else on the market. Plus, drawing only 27 watts, they’re energy-efficient, too.