LED Habitat 420 Grow Light

LED Habitat 420 Grow Light

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Dimensions: 35"L x 16"W x 4½"H

The LED Habitat 420 is a high yield grow light for the serious grower. Illuminating just under 4 square feet with high-intensity light, this high-yield Habitat features 4 times the number of LEDs as the original Habitat. Entirely self-cooled without noisy fans!

Available in maple finish. Metal handles and optional hanging straps included; can be hung or mounted in a wide variety of configurations to suit your needs.

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The LED Habitat 420 is designed to replace and far surpass other production grow lights. Top quality LEDs are mounted in a high-efficiency heat sync, resulting in a draw of only 103 Watts to provide high-intensity (600-700 µmol) light without noisy fans or harmful overheating.

The High Yield Habitat can be fix-mounted or suspended from chains or cables for total control in height adjustment as your crops grow. Cool running High Yield LEDs allow you to maximize light intensity by adjusting the light close to leaves for deep light penetration.

Perfect for:

  • Producing sequential crops of fresh greens or microgreens
  • Growing a wide variety of culinary or medicinal herbs
  • Jump-starting garden seedlings
  • Growing specialized horticultural hobby plants

Size: Overall outside dimensions: 35”L x 16”W x 4½”H