LED Habitat 420 Flower

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LED Habitat 420 Flower

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Dimensions: 16"L x 35"W x 5"H

The LED Habitat 420 flower is a high yield grow light for the serious grower. This high-yield Habitat features the same number of LEDs as the original Habitat 420 and is our most powerful light for flowering short-day plants. At a physical size of 16" x 35" it is the most efficient 160W broad spectrum grow light on the market. Entirely self-cooled without noisy fans!

Available in maple finish. Metal handles included; can be hung or mounted in a wide variety of configurations to suit your needs.

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LED Habitats listened to our customers when developing the Habitat 420 Flower Light. After nearly one year of research and development, we are proud to introduce the new LED Habitat Flower Grow Light. The Habitat 420 Flower uses the same high-quality construction and materials as the Habitat 420 grow light. We carefully developed the Habitat 420 Flower light to use state of the art horticulture specific LED Chips by CREE. These new LED chips are rated at an incredible 190 lumens/watt. Cree LEDs deliver the industry’s highest output and efficiency to enable the replacement of HPS while using less power. Cree’s white LEDs deliver the full spectrum of light to mimic natural sunlight, while its color LEDs deliver high PPF in the wavelengths suited for the different stages of plant growth. We still succeeded to keep the operating temperatures low enough for passive cooling without the use of fans. The new Habitat 420 Flower light circuit has a fuller PAR spectrum specifically geared for flowering plants which benefit from receiving more red light. We accomplished this by incorporating deeper red LED's, white LED's which are a warmer color and blue LED's which are more efficient and powerful in the photosynthetic spectrum. This combination is sure to give a huge boost to your flowering plants. All this while only consuming 160 watts of electricity!

LED 420 Flower Specifications

  • Physical Size: 16" x 35" x 5"
  • Power Consumption: 155W, 110-240V
  • Max PPF: 1479μmol @3"
  • Min PPF: 530μmol @3"
  • Average PPFD: 993μmol @3"
  • Grow area 36" x 36" - Requires 2 lights
  • Passive Cooling: Cooling Fans not required
  • 5 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY on light circuit
  • Made in the USA