LED Habitat 420 Grow Light

LED Habitat 420 Grow Light

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Dimensions: 35"L x 16"W x 4½"H

The LED Habitat 420 is a high yield grow light for the serious grower. This high-yield Habitat features 4 times the number of LEDs as the original Habitat and is the largest and most efficient 100W broad spectrum grow light on the market. Entirely self-cooled without noisy fans!

Available in maple finish. Metal handles included; can be hung or mounted in a wide variety of configurations to suit your needs.

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The LED Habitat 420 Light is Mega-Sized for the Mega Home Gardener

The Habitat 420 is the largest and most efficient 100W broad spectrum grow light on the market. As our largest grow light, it is designed by plant scientists, professional growers, and LED engineer wizards to provide even light coverage over your plants and uses our signature green LED’s for stronger root, stem and leaf development.

The LED Habitat 420 never gets hot, thanks to our light engine which uses the highest quality CREE LED’s and is engineered for passive cooling without the use of fans. The LEDs are protected by an impact-resistant acrylic lens, providing more light clarity than glass and keeping your Habitat lightweight, safe and easy to maintain.

Perfect for hobby-growers and professionals alike, use your LED Habitat 420 to grow tomatoes indoors in the winter, give your seedlings a head start for the summer outdoor season, or let your gardening creativity unfold. Our broad light spectrum grows the healthiest clones with strong roots, tight nodes, deep green and broad leaves. Like all LED Habitat grow lights, it provides optimal PAR emissions for both quantity and quality productions, is easy to live with, and far outperforms higher wattage alternatives.

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LED Habitat 420 Specifications

  • Physical Size: 16" x 35" x 5"
  • Power Consumption: 103W, 110-240V
  • Max PPFD: 815µmol @3"
  • Min PPFD: 425µmol @3"
  • Average PPFD: 577µmol @3", 25 mol PAR/m²·day
  • Average PPFD: 378µmol @6" - For seedlings and clones
  • Grow area 18" x 36"
  • Passive Cooling: Cooling Fans not required
  • Designed to be suspended from ratchet ropes for more installation flexibility, including in tiered grow rack systems
  • cULus Listed
  • 10 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY on light circuit
  • Made in the USA