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In the kitchen, family room or even a bedroom, an LED Habitat system adds a burst of vibrancy and charm to any living space. A growing body of evidence is confirming the physical and mental health benefits of interacting with plants and soil, and exposure to full-spectrum light. We also know that indoor plants improve air quality by filtering and oxygenating the air we breathe. With LED Habitats, now, you or a loved one can experience these benefits all year long!



Built with pride in the USA, LED Habitats complement your room with clean, modern lines and warm, natural light. Created through a collaboration by two University of Wisconsin biologists and a master furniture-maker, an LED Habitat is more than a high-quality indoor grow system — it’s a functional work of art.


Not all LED lights are created equal! Your LED Habitat features scientifically formulated optimal light wavelengths LEDs guaranteed for 50,000 hours of use, easy height adjustment for controlling light intensity, high quality Grow Trays, and furniture quality materials and design.

Optimal Light Spectrum for Plants + People

Plants need exposure to specific light wavelengths during different stages of growth, development and flowering. LED Habitats’ light spectrum comes from work with NASA, designing lights for growing healthy plants in space, replacing sunshine.



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