• Habitats

    All Habitats are built in the USA & run silently, with high-performance LED chips and cutting-edge thermal design, for cool-running, high-output, full-spectrum growing.

  • LED Habitat

    LED Habitat

    Our signature product: Best grow light & design piece for any room

    Original $399.00

    On Sale $269.00

  • LED Habitat Pro

    LED Habitat Pro

    3X bigger, 3X more potential: Perfect grow light for mindful hobby-growers

    Original $899.00

    On Sale $729.00

  • LED Habitat 420 Grow Light

    LED Habitat 420 Grow Light

    High-yield and silent. Top LED grow light available for the serious grower

    Original $899.00

    On Sale $695.00

  • Under-cabinet Habitat Maple Finish

    Under-Cabinet LED Grow Light

    Brighten any space with LED Habitat's warm, natural light array

    Original $199.00

    On Sale $159.00

  • Seed Mats

    Habitat Seed Mats fit precisely into a Habitat Planting Tray, and can also be planted in any planter or sown directly in the soil outdoors. Each Seed Mat contains rows of non-GMO seeds pressed into a biodegradable paper that grow into a small "community" of related plants.

  • Power Greens Seed Mat

    Power Greens Seed Mat

    Fresh micro and baby greens have never been easier

    Original $9.99

    On Sale $7.99

  • Herb Mix Seed Mat

    Herb Mix Seed Mat

    Featuring Essential and Versatile Culinary Herbs

    Original $9.99

    On Sale $7.99

  • Edible Flower Seed Mat

    Edible Flower Seed Mat

    In a vase or on a plate, they’re beautiful and edible!

    Original $9.99

    On Sale $7.99